Master Construction Trade Union Health & Welfare Plan
Sponsored by COPE Union, Local 378

Master Construction Trade Union Benefit Plan

The Master Construction Trade Union Benefit Plan was established effective March 1, 1993, to provide group life and health benefits for eligible bargaining unit members of COPE Local 378 and their covered dependents. It is funded under the terms of collective agreements negotiated between the Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union, Local 378 and participating employers in the Building Trades sector.


The Master Construction Trade Union Benefit Plan is governed by five Trustees appointed by the Union in accordance with its bylaws after membership elections. They serve four-year terms. The Trustees are:

  • Colleen Morlan to July 2024
  • Catherine Bobenic to July 2024
  • Shona Dion to July 2026
  • Laura Condon to July 2026
  • Andrea Bobenic to July 2026


The plan is based on an Hour Bank system. Your employers contribute for each hour worked under the collective agreement. These hours are accumulated in your Hour Bank to provide you with coverage when you meet the eligibility requirements.

You are able to maintain your coverage by self-payment during periods of reduced employment if your hour bank drops below the required number of hours to provide monthly coverage.

The plan includes
  • Basic Medical and hospital insurance (MSP-BC) (Provincial government plan - insured and paid by the Medical Services Plan of B.C.)
  • Short Term Disability (STD) benefits for non occupational disabilities(insured and paid by the British Columbia Life and Casualty Company “BC Life”)
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits (insured and paid by the Co-operators Life Insurance Company “the Co-operators”)
  • Group Life insurance (insured and paid by the Co-operators)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance (AD&D) (insured and paid by the Co-operators)
  • Dental care benefits (insured and paid by PBC Health Benefits Society “Pacific Blue Cross”)
  • Extended Health Care (EHC) benefits (insured and paid by Pacific Blue Cross)
  • Emergency Medical Travel Assistance (included in EHC)


The Trustees have hired Pacific Blue Cross* to administer the Plan on their behalf. Every month, participating employers contribute to a trust fund on behalf of their eligible employees. The Trustees hold and invest the fund, which is used to pay for benefit coverage and for operating expenses.


The information on this web site is an outline of the benefits provided by the Master Construction Trade Union Benefit Plan and is not a contract. This Plan only covers those benefits listed above and included in the Plan Summary and the Plan Booklet. For further information about the Plan, contact the Plan Office or COPE Local 378.

Administration Services for your benefit and pension trust

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